Tuesday 22 July 2008

Click on and zoom out to 50% to best view these text images derived from early minimalist composition and painting, especially Glass, Reich, Rothko. I was interested in repetition and rigid structures both symbolically and visually. The solid blocks of repeated text create the impression of formality and rigour, but this is offset by the subject matter - water, light, flight, love, laughter - and the optical effect created by the patterning, which has a kind of light mesmeric quality. It's an attempt to at once ground and unsettle the viewer.

For example, the columns of "crow wing shine" have a solidity and structure to them (like a formal regiment of crows), but at the same time, the white spaces in between the heavy black text create a dazzling effect on the eye, immediately de-stabilising the rigid columns.

These are taken from a chapbook entitled "The Faithful City", available from:

afterlight at blueyonder dot co dot uk

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