Tuesday, 15 July 2008

An Introduction to the Light-Being

Here he is. He's in all our towns and cities. He's the Limbo Kid, Bardo Boy, the Light-Being. He's our souls in transition, transmission, waiting incarnation. He's who we are in the before and after life.

These signs are the portals, the way in and out. Look out for them. Look out for him. He's you and I in another dimension, carrying the weight of our lives, the hope of our lives. He is pain, bliss, rapture. Let's see what he does next . . .

1 comment:

McGuire said...

Love Light Boy, I've never quite seem him as a single person, but I love the possibility.

Plus, when I draw, I tend to always draw in the form of stick men, which light boy, is the enbodiment of.

Molto interesante.