Friday 15 August 2008

Another Kundalini Poem

The "u" and the "n" become the serpent coiled around the central pole, also the hills and valleys of the Kundalini experience itself. The pole is also the horizon or the path one takes. The "K" is the starting point, the body stepping out, also the crown of the crown chakra. The word Kundalini contains the letters "DNA", which seems appropriate as the energy becomes the building block of a new life. And then the two "i"s are the individual, the self at the beginning and end of the journey. As for the "L", it's the stopping point, mid-word, mid-journey, where one reflects on the experience thus far and firmly resolves to move forward, like the extended limb of the "L" shape. The yellow star is the sun, or the light above the crown chakra, or the Divine presence watching over the individual.

Simple, colourful, child-like. Kundalini.i.i.

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