Thursday, 22 January 2009

reel reel reel

fast-forward reality
pre-spun glass
coma blues
time began to
collapse outward
inward spools unreal
rewind past forward time
n crash n shatter
tween now
n then n
now n
out the reel
unspinning fast as fate
fucked by fury
a glass bomb
bomb gloss


McGuire said...

Pleasure to meet you so unexpectedly.

You're pictorial photographic poetry signs are really intriguing. I like. I like being baffled and then slowly coming round to comprehend.

Do you 'create' all the images yourself? I'm curious about the process.

Hamilton, not too far at all from Glasgow. I'm secretly enjoying all the people I'm metting on these blogs, a good way to meet others of a similar ilk.

I see you're a musician, any band in particular?

Anyway, I'll be reading you, speak soon!

Stephen Nelson said...

Thanks, McGuire!

Basically it's just processing photographs of found text/objects/signs - tweaking, noodling, adjusting - then recombining in ways which are hopefully quite interesting using some fairly basic desktop publishing software. Lots of visual poets in the States doing some really good work with xerox machines and desktop publishing programmes amongst other techniques.

I played in a few bands in the early nineties - folk, jazz, rock, whatever. Occasionally noodle about at parties and teach a little.

Hey, keep in touch. Are you near the city centre? Maybe I'll see u in Borders at the poetry section.

McGuire said...

You might well find me there, though I haven't been in there for a long long time, due to lack of money and general disillusionment with the world.

reelreelreel, is quite mad, it gave me a feeling of vertigo. Of constant motion. Of not being able to go back and unstoppably pushed forward. interesting.

Stephen Nelson said...

Sorry to hear of your disillusionment, McGuire. The world can be a hard place. Try'n not let it get you down - try'n git some joy in your soul. If the poetry section don't work for you, knick through to Starbucks n have a coffee n a muffin. Always cheers me up.

Happy to baffle n befuddle n yes it's all about reality spinning out so fast it jumps into the next time frame ahead of you/cuts to the next scene n leaves you reeling/realing.

Keep going, McGuire. Here's one for U:

i i
i i i
i i i i
i i i i i
l l l l l
l l l l
l l l
l l