Monday, 29 June 2009

Cults of America no.2

Unarius is a teaching of the interdimensional psychodynamics of the mind. Worldwide, there is substantial agreement that humankind is being prepared for a momentous change in consciousness, which will effect all institutions on earth. The Unarius Educational Foundation provides information about the evolutionary design of life, the physics describing the mind and brain/body system, explaining the nature of consciousness substantiated by an interdimensional science of life.

The Unarius Academy of Science is an educational and scientific organization, founded in 1954 by Dr. Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman, Cosmic Visionaries. The founders laid down a bridge that is a cosmic link to the Space Brothers. Unarius, an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of science and expanding our awareness and connection with galactic intelligence. The Unarius Science of Life teaching is the basis of the galactic intelligence of advanced, intelligent persons.

As an Educational Foundation . . . We teach a corrective and preventive psychotherapy based upon the physics of reincarnation, a comprehensive curriculum of self-mastery that explains the interactive, regenerative function of the mind and brain-body system. In advancing the knowledge of the spiritual principles of life, the teachings of Unarius explain the origin of atomic life within the new holographic paradigm of an interdimensional science.

As a Research Institution . . . The broad concourse of life after life, of life and death, is an inner directed study of the mind, a research into the psychodynamics of consciousness. Its purpose is to awaken the individual to previous life encounters, the clairvoyant aptitude of the mind, and the reality of one's spiritual connection.

As a Membership Organization . . . As a member, you will discover the many-faceted activities of the Academy's curriculum. Admission to seminars, lectures, and special events is available to members at a reduced cost. Also available at reduced cost are books as well as the Unarius video programs that air on public access cable, nationally and internationally.


Stephen Nelson said...

Here's an essay on conceptual writing by Kenneth Goldsmith for anyone interested:

The recent feature in "Poetry" handed me a few "oh yeah!" moments and, since I've always been interested in the language of cults and religious mind control groups, I'm hoping to do a series of conceptual pieces over a period of time called Cults of America, basically recontextualising in this blog "cult speak" or anti-cult speak drawn from a range of cult busters. We'll see where it goes. It might go nowhere. It might lead to heaven. It might not.


troylloyd said...

that actually may be a cool groove Stephen.

i'm glad you added this note because as i kept on reading i was waiting on your rebuttal or argument & it never came & i was a bit huh?dumb for a moment.

i agree with you about the conceptual aspects involved with recontextualizing something, you're spot on about that, like reading this post threw a curveball element, thus nearly zenlike in the moment of popping thought, which was triggered outside of my usual thinklines & that swerve away from an expected reality can jumpstart whole new trains of thought & in some cases a re-evaluation of any given work in attempt to "get" the piece being performed & that process can broaden ones framework toward how literary devices actually work for one as a reader & an interpreter as well.

anywayswhich, looking forward to see how this may develop.

Stephen Nelson said...

I dunno, it's a gamble, flirting with conceptualism like some cheap whore, but we'll see, I think I'll enjoy it. I'm fascinated with cults and new religions. Dunno why. Yea maybe I do. I was brought up in the Plymouth Brethern (like Bob Cobbing) and I'm into the limits and expansions of consciousness like a mercury miner mining mercury on Mercury. Got a heart for all them devotees and acolytes out there.

troylloyd said...

perhaps i have negative associations due to the way language is used, such as the Unarius & others use scientific connotations which just strike hollow with me, i'm skeptical when doctrines start getting organized in a hierarchical power structure which seems to me to be dogmatic & nonreceptive to alternate worldviews.

i mean i dig the cosmic shit, bigtimes, but how i enjoy it via loose hippy music w/ esoteric lyrics is quite different from being forced down a step by step scale or levels of initiation, which in such themantical schemes only seem to divert the simple path of knowing God & having relation w/ God, into a highly codified system of control, altho the followers maintain a sense of freedom, mostly it's my view that those structures are carefully implemented to give one a feeling of achievement all the while remaining under the direct "control" of whatever established powergrid that doctrine is pronouncing as the "true & only way"...

...but that's just me, & i haven't been personally involved with any such group so i do not speak from experience, i guess i follow my gut alot but also i may just be speaking from a media-driven paranoia...i dunno?

...anywayswhich, as a conceptual device, look at the convo it has resulted in already...

Stephen Nelson said...

Yea, I agree 100% with ya regards power structures and control systems and while I dig the hippie shit and cosmic lunacy like yourself, the psychological manipulation involved in arranging such and imposing such is beyond limits. What interests me too is the incredible security that comes with sacrificing freedom and option - the whole exclusivist we're in and cos we're in we're alright mind set.

So when that codified dogma is taken out of context it helps re-evaluate ideas of freedom and control and the gulf between the two. It kind of liberates the text from purpose and agenda and releases the cosmic jive inherent in it, makes you look again at the whole idea of dogma as a means of exploring our place in the omniverse.

For me too there's associations of empathy and danger, pity, fear identification, compassion and judgement. There's incredible beauty and sadness involved in it because of this whole notion of people handing over their lives.