Monday, 29 June 2009



troylloyd said...

brilliant river.

can't help but to dig on the little green leaf upper right.

the aged patina & the embossed words really work a charmer, so thanx for the big picture & steady capture hands.

when i saw this, i immediately thought of Ronald Johnson, it eerily echoes his work on multiple levels -- i couldn't find ARK 41 anywhere easily online, so i'll just type it it:

ARK 41, Lot's Pillar I

ulterior artery
told local colonnade

at taps
aft twilit lilac panicle
fathering rafter

ever ofter
after very rafter
(plain buffaloed anew)

of old
soul lassoed aloft wand
multiployd root

foot planted
antler the minimums
said to

like as not tackle fact
spotting in oddity

crowned crowd
a formament
caught ought to ought

black ground up
subject to but change
charge change

more mortal rotations
per past
april aroll april

(red thread
wound on a bobbin
in a shuttle)

than any uncanny
great green bell toll air

or bear before
lute future reft to tale
once noble

doubly terrible
founded dead
toward untold plot part

blot part not
before bald folderol
by dint of

art past pact
bold toil to be Lot's
total dream

a tool
made out of thought
pillar of salt

long songstress'
centuries spinet hence
for proof

'at most not lost'
beings of
gained singing

(rounded up)
pipe out
to stem the tide

a palpably aping
full tilt
kept happy at

plural rapt
optical as possible

apparent to all
compassly as passible
for act

. . .

Stephen Nelson said...

Feel like I'm following you into the underworld, mate. Did you see Mike's "Majestic" vispo? Loved it.

e ri e e ho s