Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wish Gate


ocean spear path. vile head riot. dance. deliver. plastic forest.

cave curtain. quake denial. bury shine fin. uproot divine.

mass ascension. trust epiphany. salmon path. shalom. cajole.

blissful vine. unwind trapeze act. sodomise. licentious lull.

twist divan tease. rot pariah. silver shoot galactic tail.

rescue mermaid. salt perversion. statuesque. demure. demean.


map bliss. uncertainty. wild future. dog drawings.

cult luck. veneration.


ideal nerve surge. ripe sensation. elysium.


dog draw cult cure quake core slow vine path sheen mist mail uprising.


slush. field. woosh.


marble. occult pantheon. demonology. wish gate.

1 comment:

Stephen Nelson said...

The poem is a reaction to memory, wish, regret, desire; a trail through meteoric vapour; lust, piety, healing.

In other words, it's a response to the memory of a variety of wish fulfilling religious experience and a report back from the tail of a comet - randomised, rejected, categorised, accepted. By no means the last word on the matter.