Friday, 24 July 2009

Messiah Boy - A Televisual Event (Introduction)

Messiah Boy is quite capable of taking over our television screens. He understands digital TV. He understands fibre optics. He is capable of invading our cable and satellite networks like a virus infecting the central nervous system.

From his birth as a sub-atomic particle, radiating energy, he hurtles through systems and circuits, gaining velocity, crashing into other speeding particles, transforming, mutating, until an image is formed, an outline, a faint glow at the edge of our TV screens. He enters our consciousness gently, a character in a sitcom, an occasional guest on chat shows, a feature in celebrity gossip magazines. He feeds on our lust for entertainment, drama, 24 hour news coverage, until, finally, Channel 4 offers him his own reality TV show.

We become obsessed, fixated. Every thought, every emotion is conveyed to the public via sensors attached to his body and head. Our nervous systems and brain functions are digitally pixelated. We become one cyber organism - Messiah Boy and his disciples. He leads, we follow; he speaks, we listen. Oh Messiah Boy, Son of the Most High Wired, we worship you!!! Oh Messiah Boy, wi-fi, hi-fi, wi-si-hi-pi, Most Highly Defined, we magnify Your Name!

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