Tuesday 25 August 2009



Stephen Nelson said...

Hillhouse and Stonehouse are villages near Hamilton, Scotland.

Andrew Philip said...

Concrete poetry of place: I love it.

Though I wish you'd done these months ago when I was doing a Scots-language poetry of place project in a school. One of the sessions we did was on shape and concrete poems. These would be ideal for that.

Of course, they're also partly emergent poems, aren't they.

Stephen Nelson said...

IHF said that Scots words didn't suit concrete poetry - don't know about that. Seems to me that certain words are perfect for it. And some of those guttural sounds can be fashioned into great sound poetry.

I've read some of Eddie Morgan's emergent poems.

I liked the idea of slipping out of the root word/text according to sound or shape.

I also like endwar's subverse. Quite minimalistic and funny too. If you go to the "minimalist concrete poetry" website and check his name in the archives there's some great stuff there.