Friday, 13 August 2010


Ma heid's fu ae letters

waukin through this park

the skirl ae the pipes

washin it clean so's

the letters fly up tae the sky

blue sky poems curlin

at the edges fur the

glories ae the nation.


Jim Murdoch said...

It's strange, although I've lived in and around Glasgow all my life I've only once been to Kelvingrove Park in fact I didn't even realise there was a park until about ten years ago. When I read this poem I think more of Glasgow Green to be honest.

Stephen Nelson said...

I live in Hamilton but need to get up the West End every so often to re-charge. I don't really know Glasgow Green, have only been there once or twice. Kelvingrove was gorgeous yesterday. The poem just came and I had to write it quickly on my phone. There must have been something to do with the Piping Championships nearby. It was very pleasant and helped clear the old noggin.

Jim Murdoch said...

That's why I thought Glasgow Green. My wife and I used to live just across the Clyde and that's where they used to hold the competition. We were only there for a year but we went across while it was on and had a wander around.