Monday 14 February 2011

It's All Happening!

A conversation between myself and Jim Murdoch at Jim's blog, The Truth About Lies. Plus, a profile of yours truly at the Salt Blog, promoting the Crawshaw Prize. It's all happening!


Jim Murdoch said...

Liked the example included on the site: visceral. I added a comment with a link to our conversation. It's all happening as you say.

Dave King said...

This is without doubt the most exciting blog I have visited for a long time. Indeed, you could scratch those last four words and the sentence would be as true. I've come over from your post on Jim's blog. I came excited and mystified. Scrolling through your blog that part of the mystery that was down to my bone-headedness has begun to dissipate. The excitement has intensified. Some of your posts are simply magic, no matter which sense you give to that word. trust me, I shall be back.

Oh, and congratulations on being shortlisted.

Stephen Nelson said...

Dave, thanks for these kind words! Very encouraging. I'm glad Jim's post is diverting traffic here. I found the whole thing really interesting and I hope Jim gets something out of it too, even if he's still scratching his head somewhat.

I didn't want to get too drawn into the discussion but I hope it can stimulate some healthy debate about this type of poetry.

Again, thanks, and I hope to see you here again.