Wednesday 16 February 2011


Those cone combed faerie folk, swinging
from the chandeliers again, thinly cultured,
parasitically drunk on foam fume foam
and ragged pop,
I take a torch to them!
I take a torch to them! -
mad egg that I am –
and scatter and evolve my way
through bucketloads of DMT,
pinioned on an oozing pineal gland.
We have the zest! - And the
s-q-u-a-s-h pip puck sucking energy target, Wee Willie Winkie’s
eyeball to brain overheard a woman,
talking to a man,
the sweetest whisper in the slipsky

night. Open tear ducts to
champagne and let the love monkeys
feast the relevant scientific data,
leafy canopies, jungle berries,
squashed ginseng energy drinks
propped on beachy
health trends. In my

room, I’m swift to ignore the wind-down
sprite jerks juiced on play junk
from the juice yard. Terence had a zinger
that he bought from Dr Leary twice
the price and sold to me as
untamed shamanism


Jim Murdoch said...

I wonder what The Beatles would have made out of DMT? Debbie on the Moon with Tanzanite?

Stephen Nelson said...

I'm currently reading a book about DMT research. Totally fascinating! It's smoked recreationally but taken ceremoniously as tea in ayahuasca in South America. In the scientific tests it was fed as an intravenous solution. Incredible results. Haven't tried it. Don't think I need to to be honest. Kinda there already HA!

Debbie on the Moon with Tanzanite - I like it!

wv: fumenit