Monday 17 June 2013

Unway Up


mike di tomasso said...


Stephen Nelson said...


I actually was inspired by your style for this. No where near as successful as your's though.

mike di tomasso said...


really great work:) i think it suceeds very well as a visual poem.

did you see the sound poem i did for you?

Stephen Nelson said...


Yes, I did. I meant to comment but didn't have time. It's really good, just what I like with the drone and overtones, and the way its pieced together as a whole. Thanks once again.

I'm thoroughly enjoying all your work right now!

mike di tomasso said...

thanks, i'm kind of happy i managed to get the second tones similer to tuvan troat singing. i edited out the bits where i breathed out, but otherwise didn't edit it. as for my burst in output, i suppose i'm making up for lost time.